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Vehicle Lease

Allow cumbersome duties involved in the ownership of a vehicle to be handled by a single entity. The service provides customers with optimal vehicles and management and support system.

Operation Optimization Support

Outsource the cumbersome work involved in the purchase, maintenance, and management of vehicles. This service reduces the customer's workload and enables the efficient use of human resources.

Cost Reduction Support

Reductions in vehicle-related costs are proposed from all angles such as achieving economies of scale in vehicle procurement and maintenance and saving fuel costs.

Security and Safety Service

Reduce traffic accidents, establish a safe driving management system, and implement effective vehicle management as appropriate for the actual vehicle traffic conditions.

Environment-friendly Service

Support customers' contribution to environment preservation by promoting eco-conscious driving, proposing environment-friendly models, etc.

The evolving mobility service BEYOND 移動の進化で社会を変える

The evolving mobility service

We aim to optimize customer value and address social issues
by unlocking the potential of advancing mobility services,
and creating services that go beyond our imagination.


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