Auto Body Repair Management Service

By using our auto body shop network, customers can simplify the body repair arrangement process and make body repair expenses more appropriate. We will also provide various data related to repairs.

Customers' problems and concerns

When an accident invovling on of your vehicles occurs. does not vehicle management and related processing work such as dealing with reports from employees, examing estimates, arranging for repairs and communicating with maintenance workshops become even more complicated?
Once you use our Auto Body Management Service, you will be able to simplify what was once a series of complicated work and turn it into a smooth process.

Conceptual Illustration of the Service

Figure : By using our auto body shop network customers can simplify the body repair arrangement process and make body repair expenses more appropriate.
  • The work content of body repairs is made transparent and costs can be made appropriate.
  • Work can be made more efficient because body repair requests and payments are made through a single contact.
  • Detailed body repair data can be provided.
  • By proactively using recycled parts, we can help alleviate environmental problems and reduce costs.
  • * This service is a special provision of the Maintenance lease or Maintenance and management service.

Cost Reduction Support

Vehicle Control BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

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