Service for Advanced Payments for Items Not Covered in the Contract

We will make payments on behalf of our customers for items not covered by the maintenance agreement, such as inspection and repair fees and damage repair fees after accidents. As a result, customers will only have to make payments to one party, thereby reducing clerical work and simplifying cost management.

Customers' problems and concerns

Payments for items not covered by the maintenance agreement, such as inspection and repair fees and damage repair fees after accidents, usually have to be made directly from the customer to the maintenance workshop but this creates extra work such as the paperwork for the payments.

Service Details

By adding the Service for Advanced Payments for Items Not Covered in the Contract, our company will make the payment in advance for the customer so that the customer is freed from the extra work and clerical processing is simplified.

Figure :  By attaching a non-contract fee redemption special agreement, we will perform the checkout operation on behalf of the company.

Operation Optimization Support

Vehicle Control BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

This service will achieve more optimized vehicle control than even an order-made outsourced solution.

The e-ADVICE Web Information Service

This is a web-based information management system that centrally manages data for over 400 items about the vehicles our customers use.

Fuel Management Service "SS Card" and "Fueru Card"

Cost management for refueling by using two cards for the various fuel prices in different regions helps to reduce costs.

ETC Management Service

Makes ETC card application and management work more efficient and centralizes management of toll fees.

Parking Management Service

This service allows cashless use of the Mitsui Repark parking lots throughout Japan.

Transport and Registration Modification Services

We will smoothly move vehicles and modify registration information throughout Japan as required when there is a transfer of human resources and the like.

Rental Car Intermediary Service

You will not have any worries even if you suddenly need a car when you're on a business trip. If necessary, we can arrange for a rental car.

Tire Storage Service

This service provides storage for tires that are out of service for a given season.

Web Vehicle Image Service

This service takes photographs of the exteriors of vehicles when they are at the maintenance workshop for inspections and customers can view those photographs on the dedicated site on the Internet.

Support for Creating NOx and PM Law Automobile Usage Management Plans

We will provide the data necessary for our customers to create the "Automobile Usage Management Plans" to be submitted to prefectural governments.

"Prime": A Product that is Compatible with the New Lease Accounting Standards

We provide a plan that allows lease processing of transactions even under the new lease accounting standards.

Surplus Vehicle Storage Service

This is a single-stop service that not only stores surplus vehicles, but inspects them, fixes them, and transports them.

Maintenance Services

Move about comfortably with vehicles that have always been inspected.

Accident Support Service

We offer support in handling accidents from start to finish, thereby providing customers with peace of mind. SMA Support's accident support service helps customers resolve problems when an accident occurs.

Auto recycling (AR) business

We organize members-only online bidding events with a nationwide network of approx. 200 vehicle scrap and recycling agents to dispose of wrecked vehicles entrusted by non-life insurance companies, leasing companies, rental car companies, etc.

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