Support for next-generation mobility deployment

We support the deployment of next-generation mobility focusing on electric vehicles (EVs). We will not only promote new cars but reuse EVs as well by re-commercializing individual EVs and batteries, and applying them for different secondary uses based on their performance.

Customers' Partnered Maintenance Workshop and the similar

In the recent environment surrounding the business community where ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment has increasingly grown among other things, there is a growing call on businesses to address SDGs (sustainable development goals) and materiality (important social issues) including environmental measures for global warming and other issues.

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Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service states in its management philosophy that its aim is to "Contribute to the progress of automotive society and the improvement of the global environment."

For example, we propose plans to contribute to the environment by helping customers deploy next-generation mobility replacing some of the existing gasoline cars with EVs or other eco-friendly vehicles.

We recommend next-generation mobility deployment optimized for the customer from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. To realize this, our support goes beyond providing next-generation mobility and extends to providing support in operating battery chargers and other infrastructure.

We promote not only new cars but also reuse EVs to adapt to a recycling-oriented society. While building a model cycle for reuse EVs, we accelerate cooperation with the national and local governments and other companies to contribute to the establishment of an EV ecosystem.

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[Potential positive effects from an economic, social, and environmental perspective]

The use of next-generation mobility not only contributes to the environment and society, but knowing the remaining battery power and other data is expected to enable the driver to select and use efficient driving routes.

[Potential use for things other than vehicles]

Besides being environment friendly, next-generation mobility vehicles can be used as "power supply cars." They are expected to be used as emergency backup power supplies during business operations, power outages, etc.

[The difference between EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles]

Unlike gasoline cars, EVs and other next-generation mobility vehicles operate smoothly from engine startup to acceleration and are very quiet. You can drive them early in the morning or late at night and take into consideration the driving environment (e.g., residential area).

Car Lease

About vehicle leasing

Vehicle leasing is a service that allows you to lease the vehicle that best suits your needs at a fixed rate for a long period of time.

Trucks, Buses, and Taxis

Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service has many years of experience with vehicles for business use, such as trucks, buses, and taxis, and has won the trust of many customers.


Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service is able to provide the optimum forklift management for customers because of its long experience and rich know-how concerning forklift maintenance leases.

Welfare Vehicles

In the hope that we can create a society in which everyone can live with a feeling of security, we are focusing on creating a system that will make the use of welfare vehicles more convenient.

Leasing Vehicles that have been Previously Leased

We provide preleased vehicles using vehicles that we have previously leased.

Environment-friendly Service

Support for Creating NOx and PM Law Automobile Usage Management Plans

We will provide the data necessary for our customers to create the "Automobile Usage Management Plans" to be submitted to prefectural governments.

Maintenance Services

Move about comfortably with vehicles that have always been inspected.

Auto recycling (AR) business

We organize members-only online bidding events with a nationwide network of approx. 200 vehicle scrap and recycling agents to dispose of wrecked vehicles entrusted by non-life insurance companies, leasing companies, rental car companies, etc.

Promoting Ecological Driving

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