Vehicle Lease

Allow cumbersome duties involved in the ownership of a vehicle to be handled by a single entity. The service provides customers with optimal vehicles and management and support system.

About vehicle leasing

Vehicle leasing is a service that allows you to lease the vehicle that best suits your needs at a fixed rate for a long period of time.

Trucks, Buses, and Taxis

Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service has been receiving support from many customers over the years also in the area of business-use vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and taxis.
We hope that you take advantage of our professional know-how and experience to meet your operational needs.


Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service is able to provide the optimum forklift management for customers because of its long experience and rich know-how concerning forklift maintenance leases.

Welfare Vehicles

In the hope that we can create a society in which everyone can live with a feeling of security, we are focusing on creating a system that will make the use of welfare vehicles more convenient.

Support for next-generation mobility deployment

We support the deployment of next-generation mobility focusing on electric vehicles (EVs). We will not only promote new cars but reuse EVs as well by re-commercializing individual EVs and batteries and applying them for different secondary uses based on their performance.

Leasing Vehicles that have been Previously Leased

We provide preleased vehicles using vehicles that we have previously leased.

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