Promoting Ecological Driving

We recommend ecological driving which reduces the burden on the environment.

Drivers can reduce emissions and other environmental burdens with a small cosideration.

Inspection and maintenance

By conducting regular inspection and maintenance, cars can be kept in optimum condition so that their emissions are reduced.

Not carrying unnecessary cargo

When too much cargo is carried, the load on engines increases which increases the emissions and decreases mileage

Planned driving

Confirm the route you will use before departing in order to reduce wasted time and emissions.

No sudden acceleration

Stepping down hard on the accelerator places a high load on the engine and increases the emission of nitrogen oxide.

Stop idling

Turn off the engine when leaving the car.

Environment-friendly Service

Support for next-generation mobility deployment

We support the deployment of next-generation mobility focusing on electric vehicles (EVs). Our goal is to ensure that an EV is fully used throughout its life cycle. We promote not only new cars but also reuse EVs by building a business model for possible secondary uses based on changes in performance of individual EVs and batteries.

Support for Creating NOx and PM Law Automobile Usage Management Plans

We will provide the data necessary for our customers to create the "Automobile Usage Management Plans" to be submitted to prefectural governments.

Maintenance Services

Move about comfortably with vehicles that have always been inspected.

Auto recycling (AR) business

We organize members-only online bidding events with a nationwide network of approx. 200 vehicle scrap and recycling agents to dispose of wrecked vehicles entrusted by non-life insurance companies, leasing companies, rental car companies, etc.

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