SMAS-Smart Connect

next-generation telematics service "SMAS-Smart Connect"

The future of mobility connected by the next-generation telematics service "SMAS-Smart Connect"

In 2019, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service launched SMAS-Smart Connect, a new next-generation telematics(*) service that utilizes data retrieved from on-board units in addition to conventional operation management and traffic accident reduction support.
(*) A term coined by combining telecommunication and informatics; it collectively refers to the provision of services to moving objects through mobile phones and other mobile communication systems.

Provision of advanced mobility services beyond "connected"

The number of vehicles equipped with dashboard cameras and other on-board units is growing every year, and it is increasingly common for these devices to play a key role as a recorder in case of a traffic accident or reckless driving such as tailgating. In reality, however, not many companies make full use of the drive data collected on a daily basis from their company vehicles.
Our new telematics service, SMAS-Smart Connect, is aimed to provide customers with a capability for sophisticated company vehicle management and an experience of smooth transportation utilizing the data retrieved from on-board units. The benefits include the improvement in the top line through an optimized mobility service and the reduction in costs through the combined use of Scash, a car sharing service that enables company cars to be used for private purposes. We will present these benefits to customers and provide optimal and advanced mobility services.

A single-platform solution that can be introduced with multiple different devices as needed

SMAS-Smart Connect enables customers to choose on-board units according to their needs. We provide three different types of units: "Basic" that is compact and easy to install, "Advanced" that is equipped with a high resolution camera and automatically uploads the video recorded when an event occurs and "SmartDrive Fleet" that can readily be used just by plugging the device to the cigarette lighter port although its functions are limited.
You can introduce the service in a more flexible manner such as by suggesting a vehicle with the optimal device based on the driving behavior evaluation of the driver. Installing the on-board unit takes no more than 1.5 hours, so the time you have your vehicle sent for installation is short facilitating introduction of this service to existing leasing vehicles.

Real-time management of vehicle location information and automatic accident reporting to the manager

Vehicle management work, including management of daily reports of sales vehicles, require a number of man-hours. With the number of millennials who routinely drive cars decreasing, it is imperative for many companies to take measures against reckless driving and traffic accidents. To address this situation, we are adopting the telematics services in an aim to simplify operations.

SMAS-Smart Connect, offered by Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, enables real-time centralized management of not only vehicle location information but information about reckless driving (speeding and other risky behaviors that may lead to accidents).

Management screen of SMAS-Smart Connect. If it detects a dangerous behavior of a driver such as speeding, it gives an alert in real time on the management screen and via email.

This service visualizes the operation status of vehicles and allows more accurate management of the vehicle usage status, making it easier to respond to emergency calls and locate disaster sites. It is a driver-oriented service that helps to reduce the workload by automatically creating daily and monthly reports for each driver.
Moreover, since the vehicle reservations can be checked with ease, multiple drivers can use a limited number of vehicles efficiently, potentially contributing to reduction in costs and improvement in efficiency.

Vehicle reservations can be checked at a glance and made in units of 1 hour.

A list can be checked to see which vehicles are in use. A map shows the locations of all managed vehicles and the directions in which they are moving. The manager is notified via email when the vehicles return to the registered offices.

The driving data recorded late at night and early in the morning as well as on holidays can also be output automatically and used for labor management. The driver performs authentication by holding his or her driver's license over the on-board unit. So, even if multiple drivers share a single vehicle, it is easy to identify each driver individually. There is an additional function for managing the expiry dates of driver's licenses, and a list of drivers whose licenses will soon expire can be displayed on a website and sent to the manager via email.

Automatic distribution of videos of driving behaviors and chart-based instructions on safe driving for reducing traffic accidents

SMAS-Smart Connect has functions for the creation of a "minor incident" map for each driver and the automatic online distribution of videos of risky driving behaviors. What's more, it analyzes the driving behaviors of drivers to evaluate them in terms of safe driving and automatically creates a chart for each driver, which can be used as an internal communication tool.

A driver-specific minor incident map visualizes where reckless driving occurred

The management screen shows the date, time and place of the risky driving behavior along with the G value of shock and allows you to switch between front view video and interior video.

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