Corporate Overview

Company Name Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, Limited
Address of Head Office 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Map of Head Office
Establishment February 1981
Business Activities 1. Lease and installment sale of various automobiles and vehicles
2. Operations related to maintenance, repair and inspection of various automobiles and vehicles
3. Purchase and sale of used automobiles and vehicles
4. Financial operations
5. Other business operations related to 1 to 4 above
Capital 13.6 billion yen
Revenue 293.8 billion yen (Fiscal year ended March 2022, non-consolidated basis)
Number of Employees 1,979(as of April 2021, non-consolidated basis)
Managed fleet size owned by the Group Approx. one million
Board Members Directors Representative Director, President & CEO Kei Sato
Representative Director, Executive Vice President Hiromitsu Kawagoe
Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Masayoshi Tominaga
Director, Managing Executive Officer Kazuyuki Onose
Director Takahide Aibara
Director Tsukasa Ishikawa
Director Kenji Murakami
Director Atsushi Kuroda
Corporate Auditors Auditor Sadaaki Tatsumi
Auditor Katsumi Saegusa
Outside Corporate Auditor Takuya Komuro
Outside Corporate Auditor Yutaka Negishi
Executive Officers Senior Managing Executive Officer Yoshiaki Kageyama
Managing Executive Officer Hiroshi Oguma
Managing Executive Officer Ikuro Tamakoshi
Managing Executive Officer Atsuya Kondo
Managing Executive Officer Akira Fukuma
Managing Executive Officer Tetsuaki Matsumoto
Managing Executive Officer Tadashi Fujikawa
Managing Executive Officer Taishi Sumizaki
Executive Officer Tetsu Taki
Executive Officer Hideo Kobayashi
Executive Officer Haruto Aoki
Executive Officer Shinichi Watabe
Executive Officer Hideyuki Rikitake
Executive Officer Kousuke Shinomiya
Executive Officer Takehiko Nakagawa
Executive Officer Tetsuya Kitamori
Executive Officer Atsushi Tachibana
Executive Officer Masato Sakamoto
Executive Officer Yoshito Tanaka
Executive Officer Tomomi Mishima
Affiliate Companies
Corporate Partner Element Fleet Management Corporation
Main Affiliations Japan Automotive Leasing Association
Japan Leasing Association
Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)
Japan Consumer Credit Association

Organizational Chart(Date:April 1,2022)