Corporate Information

Corporate information on Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, including the message from the President, corporate overview, company philosophy, map of the head office, locations of offices, company history, and others

Message from the President

Message from our top executive on our business approach and business strategies.

Corporate Overview

An overview of our business activities and shareholder structure, organizational chart, and head office locations.

Company Philosophy

Ourt management philosophy and code of conduct, the basis of our universal management ideas and the foundation of our business activities.

Head Offices

Locations, contact information and maps of our head offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

Branch Offices and Area Offices

Locations, contact information, and maps of our sales branch offices, sales area offices and service centers that will assist you in case of car accidents.

Affiliate Companies

Affiliate companies in Japan and Overseas.


Our history, from the establishment to the present.

Performance and Credit-rating Information

Our performance and credit rating.